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Name: Kahakea Theard (Also known as Xerxes,Xer, or Zhao
Age: 18
Height: about 5'10"-5'11"
Weight: Ranges between 165 and 170
Build: Not muscular, but not "whimpy"
Attitude: Generally optimistic and cheery
Favorite food: Seafood!
Favorite color: Violet
Favorite phrase: "My god, you're about as sage as an intoxicated magic 8-ball!"
Okay... As said, I'm generally cheery and very hard to anger, but regretfully, when I do get angry, it comes on rather strong since it is just that much hardwer to peeve me. I'm very easy to get along with and don't dislike anyone unless they havbe major problems with my friends, myself, my family, or all three. I do enjoy the occasional movie as well as shopping and though not a neat freak, I am very picky about some things. (Slightly "OCD")
Example: I do not like getting my hands diry, or feeling greasy and have a tendancy to wash my hands whenever they even feel slightly dirty.
Online, I am generally outgoing and eager to chat/RP/interact with almost anyone, but in reality, I am fairly shy upon first meeting, but do portray my online self after a time. I don't smoke, but I do drink on a rare occasion and am more or less laid back and relaxed. Due to some family interaction, I am only slightly skiddish about contact and tend to flinch, should a hand be lifted relatively fast or in close proximity, but am attempting to grow out of that. In a somewhat "Odd" way, I like to cuddle, but must get used to being touched in order to fully relax.
I love almost all animals, though as in anyone's cases, there are some that I don't like in particular. I am arachniphobic and slightly acrophobic, and.. Well... If thate is anything that may be left out, feel free to contact me and ask or even chat.
and the basics. (ask), big cats, big dogs, but please ask.), collecting, computers, conversing, cuddling, drawing... (more, furres, i enjoy video games, racing (track), sleeping, whittling, wolves, wood working, wrestling, writing, yiff